Dance Classes

We run a timetable of dance classes throughout the week; Monday – Saturday. Classes are arranged so that you will be working with a group of students of a similar age or standard. We have classes suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers, as well as specific dance styles.



Examinations are just another part of the services that we offer our students. Our teachers have consistently and successfully guided students through the examinations process.

Of course not everyone wants to do exams, and this is fine. However, if and when the time is right, we’ll be able to guide through all parts of the process.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to fine tune your dance and performance skills.

Very often, we use video as part of these sessions to further highlight the strengths and the areas for improvement. This can then be viewed outside of classes, with the teachers notes added alongside, so that the learning can continue between classes too!



We successfully enter a number of Dance Festivals across the South East and Sussex.

Festival performances are a great way to take your skills to a higher level and to gain valuable competition and performance experience. Gaining places at these events is always great, but we have consistently achieved good marks, and superb comments from the adjudicators.

We can help you to;

  • Choose and Edit music
  • Choreograph Routines
  • Complete the Entry Forms
  • Costumes
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Reach your potential!

Video feedback is often used to show the performer the viewpoint of the audience, and this helps to get across the attention to detail that is required to be successful.



Attending an audition can be a daunting time. Our teachers have a great track record of successful auditions with a wide variety of vocational schools and other placements.

We can help you to prepare all aspects of your performance, and to match your strengths to the appropriate choices so that your talents are best shown!

  • Music
  • Choreography
  • Singing
  • Monologues

As with other areas, we often use video to help feedback to performers about their progress, and strengthen all areas.

Step by step, we work together towards achieving a fantastic result for you!


Teacher Training

DanceHouseUK can also help you to acheive your dance teaching aspirations as an ISTD Approved Dance Centre for Tap and Modern Theatre

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world’s leading dance examinations board. From Ballet to Ballroom, we cover the full spectrum of genres and for more than 100 years we have provided training for dance teachers and examiners, enabling them to enter their students for examinations, develop new techniques and spread the joy of dance.

DDI andDDE training is through the ISTD.

Any students over the age of 17, or teachers, who would like to undertake DDI and DDE training should contact DanceHouseUK.


Summer Schools and Dance Workshops

DanceHouseUK runs non-residential holiday dance workshops and camps during school holidays, and half term breaks.

Half day options are often available for little ones, with full day options being best for older students.

Having a concentrated time together, or intensive time spent on just one dance style allows students to make real progress across the duration of the event.

All events end with a showcase of what we’ve been working on, and this is filmed and uploaded so that this can be referred to and shared with family and friends.

Previous events include;
A Burst and Sparkle of Tap
A Touch of Elegance – Ballet
Street Jazz


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